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Coach Brian Williams Introduction to Book "Walk Wi…
Coach Brian Williams Introduction to Book "Walk Wi…
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About the Book:

From the first day Adam breathed life we all have within us the yearning and desire to walk with God.  As it has been said, we were all born with a God shaped hole in our heart.  Walk with God Today is a unique daily devotional book that helps you do what the title says.  Each section contains a scripture, a message or story to illustrate and a prayer.  Then through life coaching applications you will learn, grow and apply each message to your daily life.  The powerful questions for each devotional will help you assess your spiritual life and the action plan gives clear guidance to help you grow in each area.

At a minimum the book will get you thinking about the importance of your life, your walk with God and how you live today in view of eternity.  It will allow you to think about how you live now and how to have the greatest adventure and fulfilled life Jesus Christ has planned for you.

The most effective outcome will cause you to look deep into who you are and who God has made you to be.  Through scripture and guidance from God’s Holy Spirit, it will change and transform your thinking and life as you walk day by day, step by step and moment by moment with Christ.  Jesus is not only calling you to live and eternity with Him in heaven, but to walk with Him today in the greatest adventure of your life.

Living fully for Christ does not mean your life will every day be free of challenges, obstacles or even very difficult situations.  It does mean that you will have success (the way God defines it), complete fulfillment, incredible adventure and the greatest news of all the opportunity at the end of your life to hear your Lord and Father, the creator of you and all the universe say “Well done good and faithful servant!”

I have realized through the process of my life changes and in helping other people with theirs that we all learn and grow differently!  However, deep down we all want to fulfill our God given calling and purpose.  I have found that in helping a huge amount of people in make life style changes that change starts with awareness and as that awareness becomes stronger it turns into desire which then leads to action.  This all happens in our lives at different times and rates of speed, but the most effective way to get started is by following simple, easy to understand concepts and examples.

This book is designed and recommended to be used as a one year devotional which can have a powerful impact on your spiritual life.  Described below is how to read, absorb and put into practice what you read over a year’s time.  You may want to read a full chapter a day (spending whatever time you desire on the questions and action steps) or you may want to take two or three days per chapter and (dividing the sections up as you wish).   The best question for you ask yourself in deciding how to use this book is the following: Does I am choosing improve my walk with Jesus to the extent that I will be able to hear Him say at the end of each day “Well done good and faithful servant”?

The 52 “chapters” in this book are meditations using stories, illustrations and key biblical principles.   They are designed to make you not only think, but also to consider how each one applies to you and what you can (or will) adjust in your life to walk closer with Christ.  There is also a prayer for each chapter that goes directly with the meditation to help you connect with God in this specific area of your life.

You will find the two following sections (“Coaching Questions” and “Action Plan”) are specifically designed to help you take your life and spiritual walk to the next level.  The Questions are designed to get you to think deeply about these areas of your life.  The best way to use this section is to take time and answer them, ideally one per day, which is why there are 7 questions per chapter.  Think through these questions and write your answers down.  Don’t allow yourself to give one word or superficial answers.  If you will be truthful with yourself and your Lord, you will find these questions and answers not only to be full of impact, but over time, life changing.

Finally the “Action Plan” section is not only an accountability area to help you grow, but also an action step that you can make as simple or as challenging as you feel God is leading you to take.  By actually committing to a change then taking steps to make that change you will find you will grow and become more Christ like day by day.  I guarantee if you interact continually by not only reading and praying through the material, but also by truthfully asking the questions and taking the coaching tip challenges, you will grow in your spiritual walk with Christ!
It is also very important to note that this book is not designed to teach you to fly solo in life.  It is designed not only to help you grow in your relationships with others but also to encourage you to ask another person to walk with you through these changes.  As the Bible says, “man sharpens man like iron sharpens iron”, which applies equally to men and women.  A word of caution here,  it is highly recommended that you have a same-sex accountability partner unless, of course, that person is your spouse or another family member.