Interactive Assessment Tool


1)    “You have to know where you are in order to get where you want to go!”

2)    What is an assessment?

It’s an evaluation for your life.  Just about any area can be assessed and used to help you know where you are now to help you move forward.  Some of the most popular assessments of our day are in the areas of personality type, leadership styles and career skills.  However, the number of areas you can assess is really unlimited.  If there’s an area you want to grow in, there is a way to assess it.  There are many professional assessments available for most areas of life.

3)    What are Assessments Important?

Simply put – the first stage we all start at in any area of life we want (or need) to change is “Awareness”.  Until you are aware of a situation in your life you cannot change it.  Once you become aware of something, you then have a choice to make.  That choice is between doing something about it or leaving it as is.  The better the assessment, the clearer you can be with your decision about moving forward.


4)    What is the best Assessment to take?

The best one is the one that truly evaluates who you are, where you are or what you have.  This will mean the most to you!  If you are content with your career, yet struggling with your relationships, a relationship assessment is the place to start.


Below are some basic assessments to give you a good starting point.  The first is life balance and will help you get an overall picture of how you’re doing in the major areas of your life.  This assessment is designed to be a simple gage of your life balance.  If you would like an even better resource for life balance, which includes determining the level you are at in each area, what you can do to move forward and scriptures to help support you in this area, click the Life Balance Assessment link below.  If you would like to evaluate the balance of your business, you can also click that link.

5)    Here are some important tips about assessments:


  1. Know what area you want to grow in to find the assessment to help  you best measure where you are currently in that area
  2. There are lots of great professional and well documented assessments that can be helpful to help you evaluate.  Working with a coach can not only help you find the right one, but help you interpret it and integrate it into your life.
  3. Simple assessments can be quite powerful in life and eye openers about where you want to grow and change
  4. Assessments help you become aware of where you are in that area of life, which is the first key to change and grow
  5. You can learn to develop your own assessments over time simply by learning to ask key questions of yourself and  honestly answering
  6. Right here you can take a simple and overview assessment to know how balanced your life and/or business is to target any areas you would like to work on


6)    Simple assessment to put on the actual website is (maybe we can make a slide or something of this to make it look nice)


On a piece of paper, rank each area from “1” to “10”, with “1” being the lowest and “10” the highest in regard to this area of your life.  Once you finish, total up your points at the end and compare to the chart.   For an interactive assessment with additional focus, click the box below.

Area Of Life                         Rank (1-10)


Personal Development


Relationships (family)

Relationships (Social)





Time management

Total (0-60 = Urgent need, 60-80 = low balance, 80-100 = balanced)


a)    Life balance Assessment - box to click that gets the name and e-mail address of the person then provides them the Assessment.  I will get to you the actual interactive PDF assessment when completed by Phil.


Wording: To receive an interactive Life Balance assessment, which includes: overall balance, ranking of importance for each area, scriptural references for each section of life, and area to help plan on how to improve the challenging areas.


b)    Business balance Assessment – Same info as for Life Balance Assessment.